The Start of Something… Interesting?

So, I have decided to start writing a blog. It feels like a good time to do it, I am imminently going to graduate and then be released out into the real world and so it felt right to find a place to collect my random musings and release them out into the world as well. I don’t currently have any agenda for this blog and so each post will likely contain various, seemingly random thoughts and perhaps the occasional insight. You never know.

Today in the UK it is St George’s Day, now traditionally this involves … well, I feel I should be honest here; I don’t actually know how St George’s Day is traditionally celebrated, so this may provide an opportunity for discovery. Unfortunately it turns out that apart from the legend about the dragon which is unlikely to be true and the fact that George was not in fact English or even a visitor to our pleasant land, that St George’s Day doesn’t seem to provide a wealth of excitement. In fact, it is seemingly just another event on the calendar which can pass by relatively unnoticed. Whilst on the subject of calendar events, yesterday was Earth day. Now, this seems like a much more worthwhile day. The main aims behind this celebration are to educate people on environmental and climate issues and the damage that ignorance of these can cause. Teaching people not to destroy the very environment in which we live seems like it should be an unnecessary task, however unfortunately this is not so. Across the world marches for science were held and large numbers of people turned out resplendent with their hand-made signs, some complete with ‘witty’ slogans. This display of solidarity shows humanity at its best and creates a sense of community among those preparing for the future.

Today is Sunday which, although you won’t yet know, is new album day. Each Sunday I like to take an album that I haven’t heard and listen to the whole thing in its entirety. This morning’s selection is Jack Johnson’s From Here To Now To You. As with all of Johnson’s work, this so far is filled with sunshine and warmth. The vibes seem to stretch out into the room and make you want to lounge around barefoot, drinking coffee, eating fruit and maybe watering your houseplants in the rays of morning sunlight. As a native Hawaiian, he manages to exude a sense of Polynesian calm through his music to the extent that even a small city flat in the UK in April can feel like a beach by the Pacific.

As a final-year undergrad my desk is partially filled by a large selection of books, many of which will remain mostly unread until the time comes to return them to the silent shelves of the library. Through some ingenious planning on my part coupled with some luck, my final deadlines fall in the first few weeks of May and unlike for many other students these are not followed by any final exams. This means that in just a little over three weeks’ time I will be officially finished with all the work for my degree. Whilst this does mean an end to the research, writing and re-writing of coursework projects that has filled the past seven months it also spells an end to the laid-back life of being a student.

So as I begin to run low on thoughts for the moment, these seems like a good place to draw this to a close for now. So, best wishes, good vibes and all that. I may write again soon, then again I may forget about this and never write again. We shall see. Until then. Love.


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