In Defence of Mondays

Mondays always get a bad wrap. I mean the majority of people spend their Sundays dreading the return of Monday morning. “Someone’s got a bad case of the Mondays” and all of that. But this is all relatively unfounded.

I have become a big fan of Mondays. In fact I would even go so far as to say that Mondays are now my favourite day of the week. For me they present the start of something. An opportunity to start afresh, begin again and really get going. I haven’t always thought in this way. I used to, like much of the rest of the world, dread Mondays and all that they stood for. But, I suddenly began to see that the only thing needed to change this dread of the start of the week was a change of perspective.¬†Now I look forward to Mondays. Sunday evenings are spent in anticipation of the restart, planning and getting ready for the week ahead without a sense of dread.

I propose that we try and change this hatred of Mondays and all try to be a bit more accepting, if joyful is too much of a stretch, and use them as a springboard for the rest of the week as opposed to some sort of trapdoor into the hellish world of drudgery and tiredness. Prepare for them ahead of time. Plan your morning a little. Set the alarm a little earlier than normal and go out for a run, or go swimming, or cycling or even just a little walk to get the oxygen flowing and the day started right. Come back and get a decent breakfast before going off to your daily commitments. ¬†Avoid lazing around until the last minute, banging on that snooze button as if it pauses the entire world and then rushing around dopey-headed and stressed in order to avoid being late. Don’t go into the day with a bad mood and spread your message of despair to all that come near. Be positive, and embrace the start of the week.

If by this point you are wondering what sort of joyous prat would suggest such a thing, much less embrace it, then you are exactly the kind of person that needs this. Change your perspective and see Monday as a chance to start again after a rest. Get going on something positive and achieve something. Perhaps set yourself a simple goal to achieve by the end of the day and work to make sure you get there. Maybe some exercise-related goal, the start of a new diet, part of a hobby, be it new or existing, or maybe just to remain positive until the end of the day. Make your day about something other than being miserable that the weekend is over. Make it about the week beginning again.